Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is an art consultant and the founder of Canvas Charleston and Miller Gallery.

Sarah provides art advisory services and expert collection assistance to new collectors and those that have been collecting for years. Her passion for all forms of art surfaced at a young age, having art advocates as parents: an architect and an art teacher/event planner. Growing up in the Northeast, Sarah was in arms reach of some of the country’s best international art museums.

Sarah received a BA in Arts Management from the College of Charleston with accelerated contemporary art studies at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Through travels to museums, galleries, and artist communities while in Europe, she refined her studies and entered the evolving, global art market.

From 2012 until 2016 Sarah directed Mitchell Hill, a successful contemporary gallery and interior design firm in Charleston, SC, where she established relationships with artists and collectors from around the world. In 2017 she opened her own contemporary gallery, Miller Gallery, on East Bay Street. Also working with corporate clients and their visionary teams, she enjoys facilitating acquisitions for public and private spaces. She has curated over 60 exhibitions. Her invaluable, constant networking maintains her connections with highly regarded artists, collectors, insurers, shippers, appraisers, conservators, framers, wealth planning strategists, cataloging companies, and auction houses. 

In 2016 Sarah was voted President of the Charleston Gallery Association. As an avid researcher of the ever-changing art market, she is a contributing writer to The Art Mag and various regional publications. This awareness of the constant ebb and flow of market trends lends to her to be an asset to her clients with varying art budgets and personal aesthetics.