office decor: you do you

I was recently asked to speak at the Black Southern Belle Collective on the topic of "showcasing your brand and personality in the workplace". What an honor! At a conference filled with powerful women (and men) who all thrived in the creative world, I was on cloud nine talking about what I love most. 

I wanted to share the presentation I created - since most things are better when a visual is involved...

Are you a sign maker? A graphic designer? Be sure to stay true to your company’s mission. This space is a projection of the work you do and the style you represent. 


Did you start out in NYC? Did you get inspired one day while you were making coffee at Starbucks in college? This is a great opportunity to visually tell your story. 

This is another opportunity to incorporate your product. Florists, craftsman, and artisans should explore ways to display their goods. Textures make your eye pause and process. Don’t be afraid of living creatures; plants and even something as wacky as a fish bowl will set your gallery wall apart.

This is for the flex-space warriors: Tape, cork board, or magnets are a great way to keep you searching for inspiration. If you’re one who tears out pages of magazines or prints photos, allow your gallery wall to change as your inspiration does. Allow this to be your “fridge” when you’re proud of a project! You’ll become your own motivation. 

Book cases and clusters of pieces make visual sense when you’re displaying items that are available for sale. Maintain your "look" or personality, while considering how shop-able your wall or shelves are to consumers. 

left image: Charleston Weekender, other images via Pinterest.