A New Charleston Renaissance

"Come quickly. Have found heaven" are the words Alfred Hutty wrote to his wife after venturing down to Charleston.

 From 1915 - 1940 Charleston experienced a Renaissance. Creatives like Hutty, Debose Hayward, George Gershwin, and Alice Ravenel Huger Smith put our city on the map as an artistic haven. Fast forward 70 years and you'll find that Charleston is home to over 45 galleries, an elaborate preservation society, a dozen museums, and (still) a whole lot of creatives. 

Our city has cultivated and embraced this innovative lifestyle. While directing Mitchell Hill, a contemporary gallery on King Street, I had the honor of working with The Renaissance Hotel on their 2016-2017 renovation project. Regardless of the city, the Renaissance brand makes "local" a top priority. Pulling from a selection of artists that exhibit in Charleston, I (joyously) curated this gallery wall which is now a focal point in their Wentworth Street location