Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the cancellation process?

Tours can be cancelled and receive a full refund if cancelled before 48 hours of the scheduled tour, unless special instructions or requests were implemented. Customers will receive a 50% refund if cancelled within 47-0 hours of scheduled tour or experience. All refunds will be processed within 3 business days of cancellation. 

Can I purchase artwork during my tour? 

Yes. This is encouraged. If you'd like for your guide to act as a consultant or broker for the artwork, please inquire prior to speaking to the sales people. Your guide may be able to negotiate on your behalf. A commission to the guide is often offered when a client purchases art. In no way would this effect the purchasing cost of a client. Your guide can facilitate shipping and local installation if requested. We're a full service art consulting firm, so don't hesitate to ask for advice or assistance! 

How will I know who my guide is at the pick-up location?

You will receive a text or call from your guide 30 minutes prior to your pick-up with a description of the vehicle for transport. 

Can I plan a special occasion (ex: engagement or photoshoot) during my tour? 

Yes. Bring it on! Your best bet is to call us to iron out the details. 

What is the standard consulting fee if I'm hiring Canvas for a consulting project? 

If we're re-hanging artwork or doing design work, it's $75 an hour. If we're sourcing artwork for a large scale project (hotel, hospital, large home, etc) it's $75 per hour or 10% of art budget, whichever is greater. Bear in mind that if Canvas is consulting for you, we will do our best to negociate art prices with artist, gallery, or studio rep. We can also facilitate all shipments and installs if client desires.  We're happy to create an estimate based off your project description prior to starting work. 

Do I need to be ready ahead of the pick-up time? 

As long as you're at your intended pick-up location at the time agreed upon, there is no need to get there early. Your ride will always attempt to be there 5-10 minutes early. Please remember that Charleston is a bustling city. If you're not being picked up at your hotel or temporary home, give yourself enough time to get to the pick-up location. A good rule of thumb is an Uber/Lyft will take 15 minutes to get anywhere downtown while calling a cab can take up to 30. 

Do I need to give gratuity? 

Gratuity is not expected but always appreciated. We appreciate your business and interest in the fascinating art scene we have to show you.

 Art purchases are acceptable forms of "Thank You". That way we know you liked your tour! 

What happens if it's raining on my tour day? 

No worries! The good thing about a rainy day is that art also (typically) likes to live indoors. We will provide umbrellas and a good time, rain or shine. 

What is the average lead time for art shipment? 

Art can be shipped as quickly as overnight domestically. Ground shipment is typically 7-10 business days. 

Can I hire Canvas to decorate my home or business? 

Yes. We are honored to go beyond the walls and design offices, homes, and even restaurants! Rates are $75 an hour for design work. All ordering and shipping will be facilitated by Canvas and paid for by the client directly. Please contact us for additional info.